Just how much does London RELISH paying unexpected charges?

Relish fineRelish – London’s new wireless broadband service – has been pouncing on a bunch of unsuspecting people in the UK capital in order to run a video experiment to see how many Londoners would pay unexpected charges from a fake council warden whilst going about their daily lives.

The video highlights that you don’t pay unexpected charges doing normal activities, so why should you do so with your broadband provider?

From being charged for taking selfies, crossing London bridges, or even a pavement maintenance fee for joggers, the hilarious video does a great job of proving the point that most people won’t put up with unexpected charges.

Relish London finesThe video comes following research by Relish that discovered that 40% of people did not know the exact cost of their broadband and 44% of consumers are unsure when their broadband contact ends.

Relish’s 4G wireless network for central London means that you can get online without needing to wait for a broadband installation guy, long contracts or unwanted landlines.

Check the Relish site for more details.

[youtube id=”_bdZFvpDbfk”]