Just 10 bucks to possibly appear in Star Wars: Episode VII

lucas and abramsIf you fancy putting on a furry suit or long antennas and appear in the next Star Wars film, then all you have to do is donate $10.

Today JJ Abrams has helped announce a new charity campaign run by Disney, Lucasfilm, and his own production company, Bad Robot.

The initiative, called Star Wars: Force for Change, will begin its charitable ventures by asking people to donate $10 or more to UNICEF for the opportunity to play a role in the galaxy far far away.

The lucky donator, along with a +1, will be flown to Episode VII’s Pinewood Studios set as guests of J. J. Abrams. There, they’ll be “transformed” by costume and makeup teams, before being given roles in the next Star Wars movie.

Obviously, what that role will be and how long you’ll be on screen is all part of the big Ep VII secret but as Abrams is eagerly supporting this campaign is very unlikely that your moment of fame will end up on the cutting room floor.

The campaign runs in a similar way to crowdfunding sites – pledge $10 and become a “founder member” of Force for Change and you’ll be put in the hat with all the rest. Should you want to pledge more, then your chance of getting that role increases and there’s other bits and pieces such as T-shirts, concept art, posters and lightsaber hilts to be had.

The top tier givers (Jedi Grand Master) will be treated to a private screening of the film before anyone else sees it in the cinema – yours for just $50,000 – there’s 5 places.

Nip over to Omaze, donate and perhaps appear in the next Star Wars blockbuster!

Here’s a few words from Mr Abrams:

[youtube id=”XfNiC9iKM0Q”]