Juice Immortal Apple Lightning charging cable

Juice Immortal LightningFed up of having to replace your charging cable every so often? Well, mobile charging accessory innovators, Juice, has announced the Immortal Apple Lightning Charge and Sync cable.

The new Juice cable has a striking design and “robust feel”.

Measuring 1 metre long, the Juice Immortal Lightning cable promises to live up to its indestructible claim.

Guaranteed to last up to 25 years, Juice has engineered the super strong charging accessory to stand the test of time.

Juice ImmortalIdeal for tablets as well as mobile devices (the Immortal will provide a surge of unremitting power under any circumstance).

This means you can say goodbye to frayed ends and fragmented wires thanks to the addition of a super strong armoured coating. This will tolerate substantial force and impact, according to Juice.

The Immortal is also capable of bending over 10,000 times without any breakages, outperforming inferior products with ease.

Price and availability

The Juice Immortal Apple Lightning Charge and Sync Cable is comes in a range of cool metallic Appley colours including space grey and gold.

Re-useable, velcro cable ties are bundled in with the pack, keeping the cable neat and tidy when it’s not in use.

It’s available from Asda and Sainsbury’s Stores for £29.99. Head to Juice for more details.