Ji Wongs Zip-It Earphones – Somewhere Giant Pants are Gaping

yi_earphones1Here’s a totally neat looking concept – although, on later reflection it could mean that your face is taking the position of something rude if the large zip were attached to a pair of jeans…….

But a great concept nonetheless!

These funky earphones have been designed by Ji Woong.

Aptly named the Zip-It Earphones they have a zipper built into the cord that runs from the audio jack up to a inch or so from the earphone buds themselves.

The volume controls are integrated into the chunky zip pull. To work the controls you twist the pull to adjust the volume, and pressing a button to prevent accidental volume changes.

The whole idea means that the earphone cable is adjustable and when you put them away you can zip them up thus avoiding that mess of cable knots 🙂

I’m just not sure how much the teeth from the zip is gonna rub on my delicate face.

What you reckon?