Jetsons Style – Jetpod Flying Taxi

Avcen JetpodSee the future in a Jetsons stylee!

Well, the future if Avcen Limited with their Jetpod T-100 City Flying Taxi have their way.

Described as a VQSTOL (Very Quiet Short Take-off and Landing) vehicle.  The company says it could be in the air by 2010.

Could it be the official Olympic vehicle?

The main idea is to see these sprinting between cities or perhaps the commute from suburbia to the city centre.

Avcen says that 75 of these in London could relieve road traffic of 37,000 return car trips per day all the while keeping things quiet and requiring only short landing strips made of pavement or grass(?).

I dread to think how much the charge for throwing up your kebab in the back on a Friday night would be!

TAXI!!!!!! – Whooooooooooooooooooooosh!

The Contaminated