JBL Quantum PC Gaming Headsets and Speakers Launched

JBL’s Debut Gaming Headsets and Speakers Unleashed

JBL’s first-ever range created for gamers includes headsets and PC speakers – please welcome JBL Quantum to the arena.

Gamers know how important accurate and immersive sound is, it is literally a matter of (in-game) life or death. JBL knows a thing or two about acoustics and its new Quantum range, we’re told, is engineered for the most realistic sound experience ever in a gaming headset. 

JBL Quantum Gaming Headsets

JBL Quantum

Loaded with JBL’s QuantumSOUND Signature, the company states that it will amplify every audible detail with pinpoint accuracy and immersive sound for a true competitive advantage.

The flagship Quantum ONE takes sound to the next level, built exclusively with JBL’s own QuantumSPHERE 360 sound tech. The head tracker sensors and spatial audio will precisely locate and pair visual objects with their sound, says the manufacturer.

JBL Quantum

Additionally, QuantumSURROUND will envelop you along with the brand’s QuantumENGINE PC software that apparently will create a wider, more realistic spatial soundstage. These technologies feature in the Quantum 300, 400, 600 and 800 headsets.

JBL Quantum

Of course, you also need to be heard. Thankfully, we are promised crystal-clear comms thanks to the flip-up or detachable boom microphones with echo cancelling with the JBL Quantum 800 and Quantum ONE also packing active noise cancellation.

JBL Quantum Speakers

JBL Quantum

Finally, there is the Quantum DUO PC speaker that pairs JBL’s dynamic surround sound with Dolby Digital. JBL says that the Quantum DUO’s exposed drivers and tweeters deliver incredible sound clarity. You also get nifty lighting effects as prescribed by most gamers.

The entire Quantum Series is available for purchase now on Amazon as well as uk.jbl.com

The JBL Quantum headsets are priced from £29.99 to £229.99, and the Quantum DUO speakers cost £149.99.