Jay Garrett interviewed by F-Secure about IoT and Sense

f-secure sense set up codeRecently I was interviewed by internet security boffins F-Secure about the growing interest in the Internet of Things. Naturally, the main issue surrounding smart home devices is security.

Fancy a glimpse in to my home? Well, not so long ago GadgetyNews HQ was invaded by a Finnish camera crew who then interrogated me.

Their misson was to find out what I like about smart home gadgets, what kind of things I have connected to my home network and, more importantly, what my thoughts about keeping my network secured.

This is all part of F-Secure’s global tour. Their fact-finding mission will no doubt help them continue with their great work in making the internet a safer place.

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GadgetyNews interview

Well, the truth is more like, a couple of people came over from F-Secure and we had a chat. Everyone I have met from the company has been lovely.

Before anyone thinks differently, that is not me in the chair in the picture below, that is the lady who interviewed me. She was just helping the videographer get set up. I, of course, was busy trying to remember what kit I had and the like.

Setting up the shot…

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This stemmed from my review of F-Secure’s natty bit of hardware called Sense. This was quite a big step as, not only is F-Secure more of a software company, but how do you make something that will fit in the home and have it protect your home network?

I, for one, think that they’ve done a great job with this first bit of kit. I look forward to seeing how it develops.

The added bonus here is that you get to see how unnatural I am in front of the camera. Don’t believe me? Well, just have a look at the video below.

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