Jawbone Up Bracelet wants to Record all Your Intimate Doings

You are probably aware of the company ‘Jawbone’ by now – if not from their handsfree headsets it’ll perhaps be by their rather snazzy speaker the ‘Jambox‘. Well, now they want to keep a record of *everything* you do with their latest gadget – Up.

Apparently this little, I assume to be Bluetooth equipped, bracelet called ‘Up’ will track your movements, sleeping patterns and even you eating habits. All of this data is then squirted to an app on your smartphone so you can share this information with… someone.

I’m guessing it will put the collected data against some kind of health monitoring chart or such like. No doubt you’ll be able to post its findings on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and anywhere else you can spam – just like those people that insist on telling me that they’ve just run a marathon before breakfast. I mean, kudos to them but it doesn’t make me feel that great as I squint at the coffee machine awaiting my third coffee of the day 😉

I’m just confused as to how it will monitor your eating habits – surely it wont know of I have another doughnut or kebab if I don’t tell it?

After the last cellphone tracking scare do we need to be offering up more intimate details of our lives to our less than secure mobile devices?

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