Jarre AeroSystem One iPod / iPhone Dock Released and Priced – Rendez-vous Apple

It’s been a long time coming – 3 years if I remember correctly but the king of synth, Jean Michel Jarre, and his team have released pricing and details of their iPhone and iPod dock: AeroSystem One.

I posted an update about AeroSystem One around this time last year after first breaking the news back in 2008.

If you have been scanning the news awaiting for the Rendez-vous star’s designed sound system then I am happy to furnish you with some more details.

Jarre has put his name to the AeroSystem One iPod and iPhone dock speaker which is basically a sonic tower a-top of which sits your portable Apple device – unless it’s an iPad. You need a different AeroSystem for that 😉

Apparently Jarre was getting miffed with the degredation of sound quality being produced by our portable players and so brought a like-minded team together who have all spent the last 4 years putting this beast together.

The AeroSystem One produces 240° Sound dispersion thanks to its “powerful box beam and two directional speakers” and “3D enhancement filters”.

Inside this futuristic music post there’s 2 x 30w full spectrum high definition tweeters and a 60w subwoofer kicking out the jams.

This iPod dock will soon become a talking point thanks to its cool design and 26 x 26 x 108.5 cm dimensions.

You can plug in your iPod and iPhone and other music slinging devices via the 30-pin iPod connector, 3.5mm mini jack and USB with WMA & MP3 decoder.

As mentioned earlier, your iPad can enjoy the Jarre treatment thanks to the very cool, wood finish AeroPad One at €499.00

The AeroSystem One costs €799.00 and is available in shiny chrome, black or white – check all the details at the official site.

I’d definitely like to have this sat in my living room 🙂

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