Japanese Maglev train breaking 500km/h with passengers on board – video

maglev shinkansenWhilst we Brits are getting all hot under the collar because of HS2, or High Speed 2, Japan has just sent a new magnetic levitation (maglev) train along at speeds of over 500km/h.

The Central Japan Railway Company is currently running eight days of testing for the Maglev Shinkansen train on a test track in Yamanashi Prefecture where the futuristic train hits speeds in excess of 310mph. The tracks for HS2, by comparison, will be designed to cope with speeds of up to 170mph.

There is already a maglev train running in China that hits 268mph, the Shanghai Maglev Train.

The 27 mile route is between Uenohara and Fuefuki, but the final route will run from Toyko to Nagoya, halving the current journey time of one hour and twenty minutes to just forty minutes. The final route is expected to be ready for use by 2027.

The reason for these train routes taking so long to construct is because of the special maglev tracks which have to be built from scratch in order for the trains to run. These magnetically levitate the train above the metal rail so there is no friction like on normal trains, which in turn results in those super speeds. This also means that there’s many rules and strict safety checks to be done at every stage.

While a 310mph train sounds fast there are hopes for even greater speeds if Vactrains are ever created.

Nope, these have nothing to do with Rome and the leaders of the Roman Christian faith, these are maglev trains which pelt along in a vacuum tube. As there’s no air, there’s no drag to slow the train.

In theory, these trains could hit 2,500mph – this would mean London to New York could be done in just 40 minutes. Now, time to practice holding your breath for an hour… (just kidding).

Feel the speed in the video below:
[youtube id=”2MsjvsAX-Og”]

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