Jaguar hunts for classy crims to win an F-Type R Coupe

Jaguar.2British gangsters arguably became synonymous with class and style in the 60s and, back then, if you were planning the ‘perfect blag’ you’d need the perfect Jag – which would naturally have been the MKII. Now the F-Type R Coupe could be the new kid on the block in these days of the high-tech heist.

Jaguar has rolled out their British Villains campaign and with it, the new F-TYPE R Coupe has been making appearances all across the country.

The campaign challenges people to get a bit naughty but with a sense of style.

Let’s face it, most of the coolest villains in Hollywood blockbusters tend to be Brits.

Fancy yourself as a Tom Hiddleston or Sir Ben Kingsley-type? This caper involves cracking a safe lock in order to release the Jag. Are you up for it? Get involved and get good to be bad.

You can select how to play the game – your turf, their rules mate – either use a mouse or a paired phone or tablet and then skillfully rotate the lock left or right to find the right numbers and crack it.

Sounds easy, right? Well, the difficulty level is quite high. You weren’t expecting a walk in the park were you geezer? This is The Lockmaster Challenge not a swift pint in an East End boozer on a Sunday afternoon.

Once unlocked, one can enter the competition in the high score board to win driving experience with the new F-TYPE R Coupe.

Check out Tom Hiddleston’s top tips and share with others who might consider themselves a bit tasty at this kind of thing.

The V8 F-TYPE R Coupe’s 542bhp and 0-60 time of 4 secs would undoubtedly get you away from the scene quick-smart but, if I was going to use a Jag in a British job, I might select a right-hand drive number.


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