iTunes Price Drop – at last

iTunesI’m sure that you’ve already read this elsewhere but I’d be failing the readers of this little part of the interweb by not reporting this.

Chucking tunes onto your iPod has just become cheaper for us folks in the UK because Apple has finally announced it will slash the price of songs on its iTunes music store within the next six months.

This will bring us into line with the rest of Europe’s standardised prices.  According to the EU Competition Commission, iTunes UK is 10 per cent more expensive than other European versions.  And there’s no sneaking to another country’s store as you need a credit card registered in the country you’re buying in.

Steve Jobs said:

This is an important step towards a pan-European marketplace for music…………..We hope every major record label will take a pan-European view of pricing.

Whilst this is fab news – we’re still paying more than the US 90c (as usual) – that’s 50p!  Apparently it costs most labels more to distribute in the UK………