iTunes Moving to The Cloud Next Month?

According to word on the interwebs Apple may unveil a streaming music service at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on June 7.

NME reckons that the closure of Lala that’s set to take place on May 31, one week before Apple’s June 7 WWDC event, could mean that they may well announce that its found a new use for Lala’s code.

Not only will a lot of us thank Apple for allowing us to grab our tunes when out and about but this could also tempt others to upgrade to wireless-capable iPhone OS devices that are able to sync with the cloud right now……. bye-bye iPod Classic hello more Apple profits?

Apple has had six months to reform Lala into iTunes Stream and it even already had the cogs for pulling songs from a user’s local iTunes library into a locker in the cloud.

Does this excite you? Do you think this is possible?

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