iTunes Match will Allow you to Stream Your Collection to any iOS Device

Remember that crushing blow when we were told that iTunes on the iCloud would only be a download service and not the promised land of streaming?

It looks as though the iTunes Match service will soon be setting things right.

After looking over the latest iTunes beta (10.5 beta 6.1), now it has been launched, when it’s teamed up with the latest iOS 5 beta it appears that iTunes streaming is go!

Insanely Great Mac has posted a video tutorial which shows that the service will happily provide remote downloading of your tracks at 256kbps but, more importantly, will also instantly stream your tunes to your portable Apple! 🙂

You will be glad to know that the streaming option works the same way on every iOS device – that means your full iTunes library can travel with you even if you only have an 8GB iPhone crammed with apps! All you need is a network connection.

Be brave Britains! This is where my fellow UK dwellers may shed a little tear. iTunes Match is still only a US only service at the moment due to copyright issues. BOOOOOO! 🙁

If you know how I can access it here in the UK feel free to share the knowledge 😉

Folks over in the states even get a free extra 3 months thrown in if they subscribe for $24.99 to cover the beta period.

iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1 is available now.

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