iTunes Freebies! 12 Days of Christmas

itunes-12-days-of-xmasGawd bless ya g’vnor! Mr Apple sir, bless ya heart.

It has been confirmed that Apple will be giving away free media content between Christmas and the new year.

The iTunes Store will be offering a free download every day for twelve days as part of its “12 Days of Christmas” promotion.

The tag-line seems to be “a great way to start filling the iPod you received for Christmas”.

I reckon it’s more a case of ‘download from us and not anyone else….especially that pesky Amazon MP3 lot!’ 🙂

The first download will be available on Boxing Day and then every day afterwards until 6 January 2009.

Apple says downloads will include rare singles, exclusive live tracks, free music videos from some of the biggest artists in the world plus classic TV episodes.

Any which way you cut it – it’s stuff for free so tis a goodly thing in my book….errr….iPhone 🙂