iTunes 8 Brings Genius Recommendations

Digg founder Kevin Rose seems to have a finger/pulse interface with Apple.

After unveiling shots of the rumoured next generation iPod nano he’s following up with knowledge of new iTunes features too.

iTunes 8 is widely expected to launch at Apple’s event next week as well as the new iPods.

According to Rose a new source has come forward to tell him iTunes 8 will include a new function called “Genius”, which builds intelligent playlists of songs that fit well together.

The Genius feature is also reported to recommend music from the iTunes store that isn’t currently in your library.

Rose also says iTunes 8 will let you browse albums and artists visually, presenting cover art in a grid, building on Apple’s cover flow technology. That should look nice and pretty and also goes beyond a ‘simple’ recommendation thingy.

He also claims the next-generation iTunes will include TV shows in HD quality.

Anything else Mr Rose?