iTunes 10 Pings Music Socially

iTunes 10 is set to join all those other socially aware types with Ping.

Ping aims to be a “social network for music” and will allow iTunes users to follow friends and artists as well as post recommendations and status updates – kinda like mFlow.

Ping will also feed you a Top 10 downloads chart based on who you’re following as well as the latest updates from your favourite bands and details on forthcoming concerts.

Apple is hoping that Ping will be used as a social music discovery tool and will be available in 123 countries from today.

Also new in iTunes 10 (you’ve spotted the new logo right?) is that you’ll now get album artwork in the list view. If you have five or more songs from a certain album, iTunes will utilise that extra space by adding in an album cover.

Clever eh?

iTunes 10 will be available very soon.

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