It’s Official! 3G iPhone is Go in 25 Countries from July 11th

3G iPhone UKWell, the moment we’ve all been waiting for:


First some stats were announced: the iPhone has 90% customer satisfaction, 98% of people are browsing, 94% are using email, 90% are text messaging, and 80% are using 10 features or more.


3G.  It has been mentioned - Now everything kicks off!

So what’s it like?

It has a black back, is thinner at the edges, and is totally plastic. It has a flush headphone jack, solid metal buttons, a 3.5-inch display and “improved audio” which, lets face it, shouldn’t have proved difficult.

There was then a demonstration showing how long it takes to load a website. 21 seconds on 3G compared with 2G’s 59 seconds. Apparently that’s 36% faster than a Nokia N95 but I’ve not noticed mine take 21 seconds…..Hmmm….

It takes 5 seconds to download an email attachment compared with EDGE’s 18 seconds.

The new Jesus blower has 300 hours standby time and GPS. It shall be shipped to 25 countries.

Righty; Prices:

8GB for $199

16GB for $299 – There will also be a white 16GB model!

It will go on sale around the world on July 11th – this has been confirmed by O2 and Carphone Warehouse. UK prices around £150.