It’s a Flipping iPhone! – I call it the iPhlip

Apple iPhlipPhoneIt’s kinda groovy-funky but you’ll have to take this with a pinch of ‘Pat. App.’.

Unwired has spotted one of Apple’s recent filings; it seems to indicate that it may be considering the possibility of an ‘iPhlip Phone‘.

The application itself is for what is described as a “dual sided trackpad” which would be translucent and boast touch sensitive panels on each side, allowing it to be used both when it’s opened or when it’s covering the main display.

The design could also be a pointer towards the excitedly anticipated iPhone Nano, but the patent application doesn’t stop there, oh no. This is also open for use for laptops and tablets.

BACK TO THE REAL WORLD!! This might not ever happen; never to see the light of day or the caress of your sticky digits. Still, it is comforting that it shows that there may be someone within Apple that dared dream of such a device.