iTrip for Your Road Trips – iPhone FM Transmitter

iTrip AutopilotI have a love of classic cars (especially VW Karmann Ghias and Porsche 356’s) and would rather keep the dash lovely instead of whacking in the latest digital wide screen media centre (I know – shocking that a gadget freak can write this stuff) but Griffin have come up with a first.

So, if you’re a classic car lover or just can’t be bothered with CD changers or, in the event of forgetting your CD’s, you can now blast out your choonz from your iPhone to the car stereo thanks to the Griffin iTrip Autopilot.

It’s the world’s first FM transmitter to work with the iPhone so it’s pretty much a godsend.

Whack it into your cigarette lighter/car power point and you’re ready to go.

It’s available now and costs £60.