itcher app suggests what to do next

itcher app phoneThe itcher app sounds like something you’d turn to after having an allergic reaction but this smart software will actually guide you to your next thing.

This app could well be less irritating than it sounds, especially if you’re wondering what to watch, read, listen to or play next.

You’re probably familiar with the situation. Sat there, struggling to find a good movie to watch, scrolling through an endless list of disappointing titles.

itcher promises to give you personalised recommendations you’re sure to love!

The itcher app provides accurate film, book, music and game recommendations based entirely on your individual taste.

In a world where Blockbuster Video has been replaced by Netflix, Borders bookstores by Amazon, and Virgin Megastore by Spotify, consumers have an overwhelmingly large catalogue of titles to consume, but increasingly struggle with what to stream. I call this ‘choice paralysis’.

Granted, most of these new services have their own recommendation systems, but they are largely built on related items which might not be the best way to discover something new. By linking real people, rather than items, those hidden gems can finally be found.

itcher’s growing community, in conjunction with advanced collaborative filtering, is said to provide personalised recommendations on films, books, music and games. By simply browsing and rating titles, the itcher app will generate a list of recommendations you’ll be sure to love.

This free-to-download app gives recommendations based entirely on your individual taste. Rating is quick and fun: get your first results after just rating five titles.

itcher app bannerOnce you discover a new title that you like the sound of, you can add it to a list for later. If you want to know more about your recommendations, itcher provides all the relevant information you need: reviews, ratings, similar titles, trailers, and much more.

You can also follow users with similar interests and track their activities such as reviews and ratings as well as becoming part of a quickly growing community.

The itcher app is available for both iOS and Android devices

itcher is the brainchild of Swedish Internet Entrepreneur Daniel Rovira. As a fan of independent cinema, Daniel recognised that there wasn’t really any dedicated place to discover new films and hidden gems.

There was a void left after most high-street stores went under which has not been properly substituted in the online world. Most online services rely on similar items, making it difficult for people to find hidden gems that they are sure to love”.

Daniel instead wanted to connect like-minded people to generate personalised recommendations, and itcher was born.

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