iTaser – A Shocking MP3 Player!

iTaserShown at CES this gadget marries an MP3 player with a taser!

For me the last thing that I’d think about if I was considering personal protection is how it looks.  I wouldn’t buy a gun (if ever) just because it’s chromed – I’m more likely to go for something understated like a Baretta Auto or Ingram M10 – but hey, that’s just me!

The iTaser is the brainchild of Taser International based in Arizona. 

They state that it:

“allows for both personal protection and personal music for people on the go”.

Rick Smith, founder of the company, claims that the girly coverings prove that

“personal protection can be both fashionable and functionable”.

A spokesman at CES said that including a music player would encourage purchases by women who want a form of self defence while out jogging, but who would otherwise take an iPod instead of a weapon…….I suppose it depends where you shove the iPod!

“A lot of women aren’t going to go into a gun store and feel comfortable enough buying a Taser, so now we have some outdoor companies and dealers – some cellphone places are starting to carry them and hang them next to phones,” he said.

Tunes to load on to it

  • Electric Barbarella – Duran Duran 
  • Ride the Lightning – Metallica
  • She’s Electric – Oasis
  • You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC
  • Shakin’ All Over – Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
  • Shock! – Fear Factory
  • Danger High Voltage – Electric Six
  • Electric Boogie  Marcia Griffiths
  • Shock the Monkey – Peter Gabriel
  • Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant
  • State of Shock The Jacksons
  • A Big Surprise – Sparks
  • Shocked – Kylie (thanks Karen!)

Any more?