It Bee.One Cute British Electric Car

bee-one_1The British start-up company ‘Bee’ has just released details of its new electric car, the One.

This affordable and adorable five-door doopher will have a top speed of around 80 miles per hour and a max range of 200 miles before needing to be rejuiced.

The cute car will run on two battery packs stowed under the floor (see pic below) for easy changing. So, between those and all the planned charging stations that will soon be dotted around this fair isle all power eventualities are covered.

The One will pack a constant 3G connection for its management and performance system software monitoring and updates.

Obviously the most important thing about this cuddlable eco-friendly transport is the price.

It looks to be heading for the £12,000 mark, but remember that government subsidy of £5000 for all electric car purchases ?

That means that the Bee.One will cost more like £7,000.

Totally cheaper than the electric Viper I’m sure and you’ll be able to carry more than you would on a Zero S.

The One is scheduled to go into production during 2011 with an initial run of about 12,000 vehicles.

Nice. Would you buy one?