IsoTek Ascension – flagship audiophile power cable

Ascension_C15-EUIsoTek has launched a new high-end flagship power cable, the Ascension.

The Ascension represents the ultimate in conductor purity and power cable construction.

Unlike other traditional 3-core power cables Ascension features three, 4sqmm Ohno Continuous Cast copper (OCC copper) high purity conductions. Those are then silver plated before being encased in extruded FEP with an air dielectric barrier.

Furthermore, this assembly is then individually wrapped in Mylar and shielded with an Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) braid. Finally, it is all deep cryogenically treated down to -196 ºC.

Ascension cross-sectionWord is that this complex construction delivers extended openness, a sound with more perceived micro dynamic detail, and inner space and air between instruments within the soundstage. As with all things audio, the real test is hearing this with your own ears.

Ascension brings you closer to the music, with unprecedented tonal accuracy, as well as an open yet dynamic delivery of your favorite recordings.

Key Features and Benefits

All that above may have just washed over many of you – it did me, to some extent. What does it all mean though?

If you are looking at cables in this price range, it is assumed that the rest of your gear will be of a similar quality. If you are still rocking a Curry’s midi system from the 90s, it will be better to look into investing the money on your components first 😉

Finally, as the Ascension is not exactly bargain basement cable, here is a break-down of the elements. This is what IsoTek tells me. However, as I have already mentioned, the only true test is really with your ears.

Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT)

The cable is deep cryogenically treated down to almost -196 degrees. This process benefits the crystal structure of the copper and further reduces resistance.

DCT also increases the material strength making the cable highly resilient and less likely to degrade over time. This results in an improved sound quality making it more detailed, definitive and more revealing.


Encasing in a high-quality Teflon FEP dielectric and air (insulation) provides a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range.

Each conductor is individually shielded. This prevents any negative magnetic field discharge, whilst also reducing the effects of Common Mode noise interference entering the cable conductors.


The 4.0sqmm silver-plated OCC copper conductors possess an exceptional level of connectivity.

The OCC copper provides over 700 feet of a single crystallised copper rod. The benefit is that a single crystal standard conductor is free of impurity, flexible fatigue-resistant, corrosive-resistant, and low electric resistant. Moreover, you get rapid transmissibility and perfect structure ideally suited for low resistance and fast transmission of power.

IsoTek VAD barrier

To obtain a dielectric Constance close to a vacuum, IsoTek has created a Virtual Air Dielectric offering just 1.0548 dielectric Constance.

This air barrier is achieved by minimal conductor contact and the use of an FEP (Teflon) bridge.

FEP is an excellent dialectic in its own right, with low coefficient, and the first choice for safety in both temperature and electrical insulation.

OFC braid shield

This shield reduces electrical noise from affecting the signals. It also reduces the electromagnetic radiation that may interfere with other devices.


A Mylar wrap is used to shield the cable from high-frequency radiation.


PVC is used as an outer jacket to give a high degree of flexibility and mechanical damping and strength.

High-quality termination

The Ascension cable is terminated using IsoTek’s bespoke audiophile-grade connectors. These are constructed of solid OFC with silver-plated connectors in a durable carbon fibre and metal casting.

They not only offer the highest quality performance, but are also are less prone to tarnish.

Price and availability

Priced at £2750.00 for 2m terminated cable, the Ascension power cable is designed for high-end audio systems and customers searching for the best possible performance level.

The Ascension power cable is available from early October; terminated with UK, EU, US, and Australian mains plugs.