iRiver Wave Phone – UK Release?

iRiver is a name that you’d generally associate with media players but they have been flashing their phone concept at various shows.

I’m guessing that all the feedback was positive as it is a dream no more! 

Wave hello to the iRiver Wave!

This Wave is a bit of a looker as well.  Check out that large touchscreen and that lovely, metallic case.  

It’s from iRiver so media-playing is pretty much a given, with video streaming on that large screen that flips from horizontal to vertical viewing……I’m sure something else does this….. 

Also squeezed in are an FM radio, handwriting recognition and a dictionary – Naturally!

Wi-Fi and card expansion is all very groovy but I would have expected digital TV as well – Am I being unreasonable?

The iRiver Wave is set for launch in Korea in March 2009.

If you fancy one it might be worth noting that iRiver products have a habit of getting into the UK 😉