New iPod touch shipping with delivery on Monday

new iPod Touch shippingHave you ordered a 5th-generation iPod touch? Did you expect more delivery information than “October”? Well, I can tell you, my gadgety faithful, that the first orders of the new iPod touch have already begun shipping.

A few days ago, word on the web was that the 4-inch screened iPod touch were in the departure lounge and “preparing to ship.”

Now, thanks to AppleInsider readers, it has come to light that they are now on their way. I wonder if they’re on the same boat as the Lightning adapters?

Estimated delivery time for standard shipping is next Monday, October 15th – or there abouts.

Apple has even published the iPod touch 5th generation user guide on iBooks, just in case you’re the type to read the manual.

Hopefully there has been plenty of those screens being made as both the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th gen have the same 4-inch display and, rumour has it, the iPhone 5 is in pretty high demand right now.

Let me know if you’ve received any delivery updates about your 5th gen iPod touch.

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