iPod Shuffle tapSTICK – Protective Case, Controller and Headphone Adapter all-in-one

tapStick largeWhen is a case not a case?

When it also gives you control over your iPod Shuffle and allows you to use your own cans without having to use Scosche’s adapter.

Scosche’s new iPod shuffle case, the tapSTICK (no – not Chapstick!), is now available and it looks pretty neat.

The Scosche tapSTICK simply slides onto the iPod shuffle.

It does increase the little shuffle’s length a little but small price to pay for being able to shove your favourite headphones directly into the unit.

The other fabby thing about this case-cum-control unit is that all the regular buttons are replicated on the side – including the voice description of a song.

If I had a Shuffle I’d go to Scosche’s site and pay the £24.95 asking price for the tapSTICK iPod shuffle case!

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