iPhone 5 will Transform into Netbook like Atrix [rumour]

Never mind the rumours that Apple will not be unveiling the iPhone 5 at this years WWDC here’s something a little more juicy.

You know the Motorola Atrix and how we all thought, “now, there’s a novel idea”?

Well, that idea was being planned before the dawn of iPhone 4 and, apparently, explains the iPhone 4’s flat back.

It turns out that the iPhone has been planned to be docked into a laptop/netbook but instead of having it round back like the Atrix the Apple design would have the iPhone sat where the trackpad would normally be located. This would make the iPhone the controller, the brains and the modem.

ITProPortal reports:

“According to our well placed source, the peripheral is reminiscent of some designs that surfaced a few years ago; it is made up of a decent size keyboard, a 11-inch screen (like the Macbook Air) with a resolution to match that the iPhone 5”.

Word has it that the new iPhone laptop dock will have a Retina Display – the current iPhone isn’t playing nicely with this but the next generation iPod touch and the iPhone 5 will.

Do you think this is all smoke and mirrors? Is there room for this as well as the iPad?

Answers on a post-pc device please!

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