iPhone Voice Altering Software – Phone Jacker’s Delight

Here’s one for those creepy Halloween phone-calls from your iPhone.

“Do you like scary movies?………………………”

Now the chance to disguise your voice either as Darth Vader or Mickey Mouse or just mess around with the echo layering effects is available at the app store thanks to SonicVox from Smule.

As an added bonus you can connect your iPhone through a 3.5 mm cable to the line-in of your computer and use it as a microphone with Skype.

Here’s the official blurb:

Tired of your same old voice? Seeking a little vocal variety? Get into character with Smule’s Sonic Vox, the real-time voice shifter.

  • With Sonic Vox you can alter your voice with a swipe of your finger. Want to cross over to the Dark Side? Slide your finger to the left. Now say it. You know you want to. “Luke, I am your…”
  • Or maybe you are feeling conflicted about having lost a “preciousssss” ring? Move your finger back and forth horizontally and go ahead, rant on.
  • Transform your voice even more. Simply swipe your finger up and down and hear what happens… happens… happens…
  • We recommend using Sonic Vox like a microphone: just plug your iPhone into speakers. You can test it out by just talking into your phone. Or try it with headphones.
  • Adventurous? Connect your iPhone (speaker-out) to your MacBook (mic-in). Switch the system preference to Line-In. Launch Sonic Vox. Launch Skype. Make that call.

Here’s the link for it at the App Store