iPhone v3 / 4G / 2009 Could be iPhone HD!

iphone-4gI’m still not bored with all these iPhone rumours and this one is no exception!

It looks like the next gen iPhone will not be outdone by the new Zune and will also feature HD playback.

According to PhoneNews Apple is having its retailers clear out the Apple Composite AV Cable and Apple Component AV Cable becuase these will be replaced by a new Apple AV Cable that supports both.

This new cable would allow you to connect the new iPhone v3/4G and future iPod Touch devices to HDTV and regular res tele’s.

PhoneNews geven says that the new iPhone will have a higher screen resolution supporting 720p HD video playback.

They’ve even crowned it iPhone HD!

With HD video support the iPhone could allow you to watch videos stored on your iPhone on your big screen TV and, like the Apple TV, stream video via iTunes.

So – do you fancy having an Apple TV in your pocket?