iPhone 4S / 5 Out in November According to St Albans Store

It seems that T3 have some insider information coming direct from the Hertfordshire commuter city of St Albans.

Word is that the fifth generation Apple iPhone wont be making an appearance ’til Winter 2011 according to a Phones4U rep.

Whilst chatting to the tech magazine the Phones4U representative confirmed that:

“iPhone 5 has been delayed until November following an issue with the handset’s software.”

The loose-lipped phone pedlar says that the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 would “be pretty much the same as the iPhone 4 with new software. The software is the main difference with the iPhone 5.”

It is totally understandable that Apple might push the release date back seeing as it has only just managed to get around to pushing out the white iPhone 4 and there has already been plenty of chat about the next gen iPhone not being unveiled until September.

Is Apple really going to break from tradition and not wave a new handset about in June?

This hasn’t stopped the rumour-mill churning out whispers that the next iPhone will share the iPad 2’s processor, have a new camera with a separate flash placed further away from the lens as well having an edge-to-edge screen and unibody construction with a metal-finish back.

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) starts on June 6th at its usual venue, the Moscone Centre in San Fransico and Steve Jobs just make an appearance.

It is expected that the fruity one will be focusing on iOS and MacOS X at this years WWDC.

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