iPhone 4S Now on Sale in UK – Siri Not Working Here

If you’ve been queuing up for the shiny new iPhone 4S after finding the best deal you know all the good stuff that is in store for you – but don’t expect Siri to be the rounded assistant that it has been advertised as. Well, not in the UK anyway.

Siri, the voice-control feature debuting on the iPhone 4S which is now buyable, is a clever ‘assistant’ which allows you to ask the 4S questions and get an intelligent response. Ask your Apple mobile “Do I need an umbrella today?” and Siri is designed to check the local weather for you. It can also look up shops, places of interest and other cool stuff that are near you…..

… if you live in America.

Here in the UK, however, there’s a Siri-ous lack of local knowledge because Apple hasn’t managed to strike a deal with a UK local information provider.

In the states this service is powered by Yell. Errrm…. we have Yell here don’t we?

So, even if you have the latest Apple iPhone you’ll still be looking up local services by punching details into Google Maps.

I’m still interested to see how Siri will cope with Brummy, Black Country, Welsh, West Country, the variety of Yorkshire dialects and then anything else further north.

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