iPhone 4S Gets Bluetooth 4 and Some New Toys

There may be more to the new Apple phone than I first thought. After poking around at comparison charts it came to my notice that iPhone 4S is sporting Bluetooth 4.0 which could be interesting.

Bluetooth 4.0 is the same ultra-low power wireless system found in the latest MacBook Air and Mac Mini which is one thing – but the more interesting thing is that this could well open the door for a load more groovy accessories for the iPhone 4S!

What Bluetooth 4.0 does is pulse once a second – that means that it sends updates or receives data from paired accessories without draining the battery.

Even though the Nano no longer needs Nike+ to chart your jogging route performance having Bluetooth 4.0 on-board could record your movements or perhaps be linked up to health sensors and other monitoring devices without impacting on the iPhone 4S’ battery life.

I for one am really interested in what Apple are planning to use Bluetooth 4.0 in the iPhone 4S for.

Any ideas?

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