iPhone 5S and 5C launch dates leaked

iphone 5sIt looks like we may have details on the iPhone 5S release date, according to a recent report the iPhone 5S will launch in the US in September 2013.

As well as the iPhone 5S, Apple are also expected to announced their new budget iPhone, the iPhone 5C, and this handset is also expected to go on sale on the 27th of September.

Techradar say that they’ve received some details on the iPhone 5S release date which states that the new Apple handset will apparently be made official on the 18th of September at a press event.

It’s expected that the iPhone 5S to come with a similar design to the current fruity blower. Although, the iPhone 5S is rumored to come packing feature a faster processor, more RAM, a swankier camera and possibly LTE Advanced in that now familiar shell.

The iPhone 5C also known as the iPhone 5 colour/color is expected to be based on similar hardware to the iPhone 5 but its plastic body will be available in a wide range of colours.

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