iPhone Rules Confusion for Business

By Chris G 

A friend told me today that they would not be buying the iPhone until the terms and conditions were clarified for businesses.
Hang on, I thought, O2 were encouraging me to upgrade my business tariff to the iPhone only two weeks ago. A little digging and sure enough, right in the iPhone Tariff FAQ it says this:

All usage must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes.

So, looks like I need to call up business customer support and get them to clarify …

Added: Oh, and even though I am a long standing and loyal customer, both business and private … I pay the same as a brand new customer. No upgrades, no discounts, no offers … way to keep my loyal!


In response I would say that for a business user I can heartedly recommend the Nokia N95, especially now that there’s a 8gig version.  The iPhone is buggy and although Apple’s profits have rocketed since the iPhone’s release, I’m going to wait for v2 before getting on board.

I wouldn’t turn one down, it’s just that the N95 does everything and does it rather well :0)

It turns out that Chris is also waiting for version 2 – read here “Why I’m Waiting For Version 2”.

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