New iPhone Prototype Picture Leaked – iPhone 5 out in the Wild?

It had to happen as we’re getting ever closer to the expected release date of the iPhone 4S / iPhone 5. Here’s a glimpse at an alleged iPhone prototype.

N94, as it is codenamed, could well be a prototype of the iPhone 4S and carries an EVT (Engineering Verification Test) label dated June 7, 2011.

The A4-powered iPhone 4 sports a N90 model number on GSM networks and N92 for CDMA (Verizon).

Those of you into tracing things back may recognise the N94 name as the prototype model number has SDK (software developer kit) code dating back to iOS 4.3.

Question is: Could this actually be the iPhone 5?

Well, going by what the SDK code reveals, prototype N94 is powered by an A5 processor which is the same dual-core chip in the engine room of iPad 2. This follows the now usual Apple lifecycle of the iPhone getting the iPad’s processor.

Apparently the N94 iPhone prototype has a redesigned antenna with support for T-Mobile USA and the dual-core A5 chip is under the hood as it should be.

The thing is that the design is only a slight tweak of the iPhone 4.

So – is this the entry level iPhone 4S or is it just a stealth wrapped around the iPhone 5?

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