iPhone Pro and Elite – Slide Out Keyboard Design

iphoneproDo you long for the iPhone to be given a real keyboard?

Some would  as others remain happy with the touch-screen style board.

With the aid of some Photoshop craftiness here are some design ideas – but we all have to take into consideration the additional width that a real keyboard would add to the Apple 3Gesus phone.

Please feast your eyeballs with these two wish-list iPhone prototypes.

The first is by Mat Brady named the iPhone Elite and the second — an altered version of Brady’s — by Gizmodo dubbed the iPhone Pro.

Some features include an impossibly thin slide-out keyboard, high-quality camera with an optical zoom, 60GB of storage, a front-facing chat camera, and even Nintendo-esque game controls which, of course, add almost nothing to the thickness of the device…but in the really real world?……………. it aint gonna happen now is it?

Marvel at Brady’s design, the iPhone Elite:


And here’s Gizmodo’s tweaked iPhone Pro (note the additional controls):