iPhone 5 Pre-orders Start at Deutsche Telekom – Just Don’t ask for it by Name

It looks like a German store is getting the jump on everyone else and is offering pre-orders for iPhone 5!

Nope – you’ve not missed an announcement from Apple and no this is not April 1st.

Word has it that Deutsche Telekom spokesperson, Alexander von Schmettow, has confirmed the company is giving out coupons to customers so that they can reserve the device – but they are careful not to mention iPhone 5.

Apparently you have to go in and request the successor to the iPhone 4 to get a coupon – it sounds all very sleazy, sneaky and a bunch of other dwarves that were overlooked by Disney.

Deutsche Telekom won’t reveal any specs or a release date on the iPhone 5 – chances are that’s because it doesn’t really know more than us gathered here 😉

So – if you can speak German and know what to ask for you should be able to get a pre-order coupon but things get even more odd because the reservation service isn’t advertised in store, and nowhere on the company’s website.

Just head to a DK shop and ask for a reservation for the successor to the iPhone 4 (or something along those lines) and perhaps do the secret dance.

It does feel like the iPhone 5 announcement can’t be far away now!

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