iPhone Pocket Projector from PoP Video

PoP Video iPhone ProjectorFancy chucking the pictorial contents of your iPhone on to a wall? Have a looksee at this mini projector from PoP Video.

PoP Video’s newly announced Mini Projector will play nice with Apple’s 3rd and 4th gen iPod Touch, and all iPhones and is connected simply via the proprietary 30-pin connector.

Point the projector at a suitable surface and you’ll get 960 x 540 video output.

The PoP Video projector will make your iDevice a pocket cinema with a 2 hour battery life.

The free to download iOS app allows you to fine tune your picture to get the best results.

You can grab one from their site for $99!

I’d love to test this out to see how good it actually is 🙂