iPhone OS 4.0 is Ready for Video and Group Chat

More goodies have been revealed in iPhone OS 4.

9to5Mac have had a thorough poke around and has discovered references to video conferencing—hosted on Apple’s own servers! They’ve also spotted group chat rooms and chat moderators!

The group chat and moderator stuff are unique to iPhone and aren’t found in iChat on the Mac so this points to it purely for the iPhone.

Those sleuths over at 9to5Mac guesses that the group chat is for the Game Center which means that if you wanted to have a group chat you can do so over the regular phone network.

Video chat has been mentioned for a long time now and I suppose just because the code is there in iPhone OS 4 it doesn’t necessarily point to it appearing once the software is out this Summer. But that doesn’t stop me hoping that it arrives with the new software and a new iPhone 😉

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