iPhone OS 3.1.2 Wakes Up Your Apple Handset From Coma

iPhone-ComaI know that my 3Gesus phone and those of my two bandmates have all been hit by the coma so we’re pretty happy that this minor update to the iPhone OS should fix some that and the other annoying issues that some users have been having.

Also it will stop Rom from being so smug with his BlackBerry!

Apple say that they’ve fixed three bugs in the latest iPhone OS with an update issued via iTunes.

According to Apple, the update addresses three issues:

  • A “sporadic issue” that prevents the iPhone from waking from sleep (which may be iPhone coma)
  • An “intermittent issue” that kills the mobile network until you restart the phone
  • A bug that causes the “occasional crash” while streaming video

We’re gonna hit this up tonight – have you had any problems?

Are they fixed now?

Let me know.

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