iPhone Nano Patent – Proof of Coming Product?

29-patent-5It’s been a while since I’ve said anything about the iPhone Nano and I’m talking about that £60 number either!

But it’s time to bring the rumours back as a new Apple patent has revealed that Apple are at least toying with the idea.

According to this patent the device interestingly has two control surfaces.

MacNN says that “according to Apple, a traditional iPod, a camera mode and more (..) simply offer consumers with a dual-sided display option in lieu of a force sensitive controller surface.”

One side of the device is a full-sized screen but on the reverse there is a force-sensitive touch based surface which will be used to control the user interface in the display.

Yeah – I don’t undestand that thinking either….. just a single touchscreen like the iPhone would make more sense to me but hey – I’m just a gadgety-loving bassplayer!

It’s just a patent but it does show that there could be an iPhone Nano.

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