iPhone Nano Available By June. Maybe.

iphone_nanoI’ve been waiting until I got firm news before even mentioning this….

But hey, the Chinese Economic Daily News is close enough!

Apparently a chip manufacturer is going to receive microchip orders from Apple sometime in March which must mean that we should see an iPhone Nano sometime after this summer…….?



Where will this iPhone Nano be placed?

Let’s assume that it will be an entry level product rather than a premium tiny one;  because if Apple wanted a cheaper iPhone, surely (according to various sources) they could just narrow their profit margins on the current range?

Also, if this iPhone Nano is the low-cost alternative then Apple could build their profits and price the new, larger memoried iPhone 3G’s nice and high.

That way the cunning company would be able to market one as inexpensive and the other as full featured without taking anything away from the current hot-selling iPhone 3G.

Personally this is all smoke - it is quite literally a Chinese Whisper even though it’s from a news source.