iPhone My3D Takes Apple into the Third Dimension – Thanks to Hasbro

Now, everyone’s jumping on the 3D wagon but what about the iPhone?

Well, until now it wasn’t 3D capable but for those of you that remember the stereoscopic joy brought to you by the View-Master (the red version below) are in for a treat!

Hasbro is all set to unveil My3D 🙂

Thanks to some dedicated apps in the App Store and link-ups with the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau, the LA Wax Museum and the Santa Monica Pier there should be a variety of things to gawp at.

Hasbro has also teamed up with Dreamworks Animation, Discovery, Sony and Imax to get 3D content and trailers made for the accessory and have been ‘guided’ by Apple through the development of the My3D.

I think this will fall under the ‘novelty’ umbrella – especially with autostereoscopic 3D devices, such as the Nintendo 3DS already making an appearance.

Can’t really grumble at the $30 price for a bit of fun – expect the Hasbro My3D to hit the shelves in spring 2011.

Perhaps iPhone 5 or 6 will already be 3D though?

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