iPhone Magnetic Changeable Lens Mount

iphone-lens-mountWe all know that the iPhone’s camera is not its strongest selling point – although it does rank has the highest used cameraphone on Flickr!

There has been a few attempts of, shall we say, enhancing the 3Gesus phone’s snapper and some are better than others – but, to be honest, none are all that attractive.

How about a kit that allows you to swap between 3 different add-on lenses kinda like a grown-up camera all through the magic of magnets?

The kits come with either a wide-angle lens, a 2X telephoto lens or a fish-eye lens which are all made from actual glass and real alluminium.

It still wont alter the fact that the camera will still be pretty pants in poorly lit situations though.

If you fancy the look of the magnetic mount lens kit – they are available from USBFever for just $16.99.