New iPhone 5 Looks Not Nailed Down Yet

new iphone 5 conceptSome of the iPhone 5 concept designs flying around may be closer to the real thing than any of us know. Mainly because not even Apple knows what the next iPhone will look like.

Even though there’s apparently only 4 months til the new iPhone is released in October, word is that the new Cupertino smartphone hasn’t had its final styling yet.

The Home button is said to be staying so that’s this concept out then but, according to sources, that’s about the only thing that has been decided upon.

So, everything else concerning the look and feel of the device is yet to be finalised.

It does sound, however, the the iPhone 5 (or New iPhone if they follow the iPad’s lead) will come equipped with a smaller dock connector. I can predict that a) Apple will sell an adapter so that everyone that has already spent money on a speaker dock can still use it and b) there’s a lot of new docks about to hit the market which will sport the new diddy docker.

The other problem with this new connector is that any cables you have will also be rendered useless.

Even though some are tipping that the iPhone 5 will be boasting a 4.6-inch screen the sources are saying that if the new iPhone display does grow it won’t be any more than 4 inches.

Apple obviously isn’t being tempted to the big-screen bash with the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X then.

Could this be the reason for the iPad mini rumours to have been refreshed and doing the rounds again?

Is Apple leaving it too late to decide on what the new iPhone will look like  for its October release or is this the best way of ensuring that leaks and copies are avoided?

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