iPhone 5 Liquid Metal Pictures fill me with Want

iphone 5 liquid metal concept backIt’s that time again. In the quest for the latest from the iPhone 5 rumour mill I have found these pictures. Liquid Metal has been a serious buzzword for a while so here’s what the new iPhone could look like.

Antoine Brieux has put his skills to use and has shared his iPhone 5 LM concept.

Apple bought in to the Liquid Metal tech a while ago but, so far, all we’ve seen of this acquisition is that little pokey tool you use to open the microSIM tray.

Antoine has used Liquid Metal as his material of choice for the iPhone 5.

This concept comes with a virtual ‘Home Button’ replacing the physical one. The designer plots that the next-gen iPhone will sport a 4.5-inch screen and 10 megapixel camera all powered along by a quad-core A6 chip. No mention of NFC iTunes sharing or ‘gifting’ though!

Is this close to what the iPhone 5 will be or waaaaay wide of the mark?

You tell me – I think I’d be happy with this in my pocket 🙂

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