iPhone 5 Lightning desk dock – First unofficial cable accessory

iPhone 5 Lightning desk dockYou might be happy with customising your iPhone 5 with a snazzy case or skins to make it look like a mini TARDIS,  but how about pimping your dock with flowing data lights?

iPhone5Mod have produced the first unofficial Lightning connector cable and dock which will no doubt prove to be the first of many such third party accessories.

The Chinese company has managed to clone the new connector used on the iPhone 5 within less than a month. That’s some sick skillz (as they say on the streets) as the official Apple cable includes an authentication chip in an attempt to prevent those naughty copies hitting the markets.

If you fancy some lit-up Lightning action you will have to join the queue as all of the cables have sold out so there’s a processing lead-time of a month. Don’t forget to add another fortnight on for delivery from China to the UK.

The Lightning adapter should be landing in your country fairly soon too!

Prices are US$20 (£13) for the cable, US$20 (£13) for the dock, or US$40 (£25) for both. You wont be saving much dosh but check out how it looks below:

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