iPhone Keyring flipSYNC USB Charger

I’ve been looking around the interwebs trying to find a better thing than killing the USB sync/charging cable that came with my new iPhone 4.

The one I had with my 3G got battered from being shoved in my man bag/gig bag/overnight bag/suitcase/laptop bag – you get the idea.

Thankfully Scosche has come up with the flipSYNC USB charger.

This natty little gizmo folds down and attaches to your keyring – which also means you’re less likely to forget to pack it and have to send a bulk email to everyone at work asking if anyone has brought their charger in.

Compact is not the word for the flipSYNC. When folded away it’s less than 5cm long but unfurled it will offer up 12cm of cable.

The 30-pin iPhone / iPod / iPad connector fits into one side of the flipSYNC and on the other side is a USB connection. The USB is the thinner variety without the square metal casing but will fit any regular USB socket.

As well as the Apple compatible flipSYNC there is also a version that swaps the 30-pin connection for a micro and also a mini USB adaptor – handy if you have Duracell Instant USB charger.

The Scosche flipSYNC goes for around £15 or there abouts.

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