iPhone 5 Internals Leaked and Samsung Ready with Ban

Oh hello! Want to get real personal with the iPhone 5? How about a gawp at its internals?

This shot is reportedly the insides of an iPhone 5 and, should it be the real thing, then the latest iPhone will indeed be sharing its processor with the iPad 2 as expected.

As your eyes takes in the innards of the new Apple handset you will notice the A5 dual-core processor, along with a new battery.

The 4.2v, 1430mAh cell is a little more powerful than the iPhone 4’s 3.7v, 1420mAh so should mean that it’ll go longer between charges – always a bonus!

The LCD screen also appears to stretch edge to edge which matches many a rumoured leaked shot – the latest showing the iPhone 5 (possibly) extremely clearly.

This doesn’t appear to be a complete set as the antenna for one is missing – perhaps it has been removed for the shots, perhaps the whole diorama is a fake.

What do you reckon? Either way, the iPhone 5 should be prepared for a difficult birth as Samsung is waiting in the wings ready to slap it with a ban! Now, it wouldn’t be so bad if it was Cat Deeley doing the slapping on behalf of Samsung would it? 😉

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